Guaranteed and Simplified Issue Plans

Guaranteed Issue plans are available from most of our carriers. Guaranteed Issue provides individual DI insurance to a group of individuals working with the same employer. Guaranteed standard issue programs (known as GSI) means that everyone who meets the conditions for eligibility will be issued a policy at standard, discounted unisex rates. Conditions for eligibility include:

  • Participants must be on the census submitted to underwriting,
  • Participants must have been actively at work for the past 180 days,
  • Participants must not have total DI coverage in force that exceeds the Issue and Participation Limits,
  • An offer for GSI underwriting must be approved by the carrier before it is presented to an employer.

Simplified Issue plans do not require medical exams, labs or financial documentation. A more extensive phone interview is done by the carrier in lieu of the lifestyle and health questions normally found in an application. The applications are underwritten, and companies do maintain the right to rider, rate, exclude and even decline. With the streamlined underwriting, turnaround time is greatly reduced. Simplified underwriting amounts vary by carrier.

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