EGA Agent Process

1. Gather Client Information

Include name, gender, date of birth, state, tobacco use, occupation including daily duties, income, existing coverage, and medical history.


2. Contact MetroDI for Illustrations

We will forward to you the most competitive proposals with all pertinent paperwork within one business day.


3. Present Proposals

Our staff is available between 9:00 A.M and 6:00 P.M. EST to answer questions or modify proposals.


4. Complete Application and Statement of Client Information Form

Get necessary financial documents and advise client of what to expect during underwriting, including telephone interview and medical requirements. Click here for the SOCI form.


5. Licensing and Contracting

Submit with the application and include E & O certificate and state license. All paperwork should be faxed to EGA at (866) 493-5073. Binder checks should be mailed directly to MetroDI.


6.  Underwriting

Our pending business team takes over to make sure all requirements are ordered and completed in a timely manner. MetroDI will contact you if anything is needed during the underwriting process.



7. Approval Notification

MetroDI will notify you when an underwriting decision has been made and will provide you with post sales support.



8. Policy Delivery

The policy will be sent to you for delivery with delivery instructions.




9. Submission of Post Delivery Requirements

Delivery requirements can be scanned, faxed, or mailed to MetroDI.


10. Commissions

Commissions are forwarded to EGA for processing two times per month.


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